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4 Easy Ways To Improve Home Value Before You Sell

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Knowing how to get the most money for your property is tricky. If you are willing to make some improvements, I have 4 simple, cheap ways to increase the value of your San Diego home.

Buyers largely focus on aesthetics. Putting a little money in can lead to a lot of money back.

If you want to take on bigger projects and get a much better return, check out our HomeMax service. We can also lend you the money to maximize your home’s value before selling it!

Now, let’s talk about a few quick fixes that can help you achieve what you want without breaking the bank. Finding those small but impactful value-adds can be tricky. Below are a some ideas that will help you get your house ready for the market without a hefty price tag.

Tip 1: Update the Hardware

Doorknobs are the first thing a potential buyer will see. Make sure you impress right out of the gate. Many sellers overlook their door, closet, and cabinetry hardware when preparing their home for sale. This has a real impact on your home’s visual appeal. Brass and gold on every door and hinge looks outdated. Buyers today want to buy something “new”, not take over Grandma’s old house.

In the kitchen and bathrooms, the effect is amplified because there is so much cabinetry. The old-fashioned look can form a huge eyesore.

This is a commonly overlooked improvement that increases value and is easy to fix! Local hardware stores have a wide variety of nickel and other modern finishes that can be picked up for cheap and popped in fast. Refresh the look of doors, kitchens, and bathroom with some new hardware. Be sure to change the hinges as well to complete the look.

Tip 2: Paint to Please

Although you may love that mulberry living room, chances are potential buyers are looking for something a little more neutral. Nothing can take away attention faster than a bad coat of paint. Choosing the right color can make small rooms appear larger, dark ones seem lighter, and set a welcoming tone throughout the home.

Neutral colors that are in style can update the look of your home and allow buyers to imagine their own tastes and style as they go from room to room. Grays, cream, beige, and taupe will all do the trick.

Tip 3: Modernize the Kitchen

I am sure the thought of kitchen updates fills you with dread. Don’t worry! We aren’t suggesting a full revamp.

Simply adding new appliances can make your whole kitchen appear brand new. People don’t want to cook on crusty old stains. The easiest way to bring your kitchen to the next level is new appliances.

Not many people realize that there are appliance package specials all year round for every budget level. New kitchen appliances have a huge impact on buyers because it’s something they will use daily. Plus, it is usually the centerpiece of family activity.

All you have to do to switch out your appliances is order. Most businesses will deliver and install for free. If the store you buy from won’t haul away your appliances at no cost, certain utility companies and other businesses will PAY YOU to take away your old appliances! That’s what I call a win-win!

Tip 4: Change the Throne

There will be a new king in your castle, so prepare accordingly. Swap out the toilet and modernize bathroom tiles if necessary.

Luckily, bathrooms are usually small spaces. Updating this room shouldn’t be too brutal on your budget. Toilets can be found for well under $200. New vanity sets come in a variety of price ranges and can be bought complete with the tops and faucets to match!

If you are looking for minimal home improvements, focus on your bathroom.

Finding small improvements to increase your home’s value without breaking the bank just requires a little creative thinking and some elbow grease, but the payoff is literal.

This sounds strange but beware of over improving your home. You don’t want to dump too much money in and then be unable to get a return on your investment.

Let me help you strike the perfect balance to maximize your home value. I’m here to help.  Check out our Flip Your House program to get a full consultation on how to bring your property to maximum potential value.

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