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124 E. 30th Street, Suite, D

National City, CA 91950

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Patricia Garcia, Realtor

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Brokerage Address:

124 E. 30th Street, Suite D

National City, CA  91950

CAL BRE#: 01991847

Everyone in life has a purpose, but sometimes we don’t know our path until it’s laid out in front of us. Real estate isn’t a job, it’s a service I was destined to fulfill. I contribute my faith to creating the vision that got me here.

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be an Entrepreneur, but had no idea I’d end up in real estate! The thought of being your own boss and determining your own schedule highly appealed to me.

I first started a cleaning business cleaning bank owned homes. Shortly after it was cleaning new construction homes for developers and a few personal homes that allowed me to bring my kids (yes, at this time I could only take on jobs that allowed me to bring my kids). I was drawn to the beautiful architecture that came with with newer construction and older homes. It was during this process I got hooked on real estate.

Thru out the years I also sold life insurance , which taught me to always be prepared for the future. Did I mention I was also the caretaker to our church and private school (as i cleaned toilets, I learned nothing was below me, and did it gratefully!)?

The reason I share this is because each one of these jobs taught me a very valuable lesson that gave me the faith and vision to pursue a career in real estate. I guess I was always an Entrepreneur in training for Real Estate.

While watching a Home Renovation show one day in the 90’s, something different happened. I knew without a doubt the Lord instilled in me a dream. He said I would be transforming run down homes while walking his people thru personal transformation.  That experience stuck with me.

Fifteen years later I went to school and received my Real Estate license. Soon after I met a gentleman from the Trump Institute in Florida. The institute taught real estate investors how to purchase and flip homes. I became his San Diego contact and introduced me to many clients I now call friends.

He encouraged me to get my construction license and start restoring homes for my new clients. This changed everything! There was major transformation that was created, not just in the homes we rejuvenated, but the lives we serviced.

All this started during the market crash of 2006-2010 where so many families were hurt, which allowed us to help others through education. We created new jobs and taught new trades to unemployed individuals. Investors who lost everything in the stock market were able to get back on their feet. Beautiful new homes were built or renovated for people who could not afford to update it themselves. This was our legacy and now it’s our mission statement.

Being a Realtor allows me to live out my passion in servicing our families, friends and communities.  It is my honor to teach you how to create a Legacy for Future Generations!
It’s amazing how the Lord gives us a Vision and all we need to do is walk by Faith!!