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First-Time Homebuyer Education Program

Are you a first-time homebuyer that’s ready to purchase your new house?  If so, I’ve found the perfect resource to get you all the information you need to make it happen.  On this episode of Beyond The Vision, we’re chatting with Cathy at the Homeownership Training Office to learn all about the great programs and resources offered to first-time homebuyers in National City.  These tips will help prepare you with everything you’ll need to buy your very first house.

The Homeownership Center here in National City is run by Springboard Home Loans, part of local non-profit organization  As part of the Paradise Creek Apartment complex, Cathy and her team help tenants and local residents to learn all about the homebuying process.  Some tenant families have transitioned to homes of their own, a credit to the success of the program.

HUD-Approved Education For The First-Time Homebuyer

One of Springboard’s main goals is to provide education to prospective homebuyers in the community.  As HUD-approved Homeownership Center, they provide 8-hour buyer education workshops sponsored by  In these classes, attendees learn about credit, budgeting, debt-to-income ratio, the role of realtors and lenders, and what it really takes to buy a home.  A certificate of completion is then given, valid for one year. Since purchasing real estate is an investment, Springboard Home Loans’ classes help their clients truly understand the process.

Depending on your income, Springboard can connect you with a variety of programs designed specifically with the first-time homebuyer in mind.  Since Springboard’s focus is on those with low-to-moderate income, they offer loans that allow buyers to put as little as $500 down with a few qualifications.  They also play a key role in a special program offered by the City of National City: the First Time Home Buyer Program.

The First Time Home Buyer Program

This program offers down payment assistance to the first-time homebuyer looking to settle down in National City.  Working through Springboard Home Loans, clients can see if they meet the qualifications and then apply for the program.  If eligible, they can take out a loan through this program. The loan can lower their monthly payment or help them qualify for a higher purchase price—with payments deferred for 30 years!

The Homeownership Center doesn’t limit their help to National City; the entire city of San Diego can take advantage of the education offered.  Even if you’re not ready to purchase a home right away, taking advantage of these resources will prepare you for the future.  Learning how to budget and save will be essential for any home purchase you eventually make.

If you want to know more about the classes offered here at Springboard Home Loan’s Homeownership Center, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to connect you with all the resources you’ll need.

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Alejandra Sotelo-Solis Has Big Plans As National City’s First Female Mayor

National City is a strong community, with multi generational households on the rise. Who better to represent our amazing city than a local citizen who had always dreamed of becoming mayor? On this episode of Beyond The Vision, we’re chatting with Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, National City’s first female Mayor. With 10 years as a Councilwoman under her belt and a strong desire to unite the city, Mayor Sotelo-Solis has pledged to work hard in her new position.

Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, National City's First Female Mayor
Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, National City’s First Female Mayor

As a 3rd generation resident of National City, Mayor Sotelo-Solis is proud to call this community home. From a young age she dreamed of becoming a leader, working hard to educate herself to do so. As a graduate of UC San Diego with a degree in political science, Sotelo-Solis then served on a variety of committees and boards that sought to enrich the community. Her hard work and dedication ultimately led her to serve 10 years as a Councilwoman for National City. 

Sotelo-Solis’s new position as the city’s first female Mayor means working hard to bring a diverse population together. With a City Council that has often been divided over various policies, Mayor Sotelo-Solis’s goal is to bring the members together for the common good of the community. This  includes focusing on the ever-present housing crisis facing local residents. 

From homeownership, homelessness, evictions and rising rent costs to providing space for more local businesses and community services, Mayor Sotelo-Solis will have some big issues to tackle. It is Mayor Sotelo-Solis’s job to see the issues from both sides. And work together to come up with a fair plan of action for the city’s future. Attracting new businesses to build the city’s commerce is important, but taking care of current working residents struggling to make ends meet is also a priority. 

While these types of decisions might seem daunting, Mayor Sotelo-Solis has a strong foundation of support to help carry her through, Married to her high school sweetheart, Arturo, and mother of 3 daughters, herfamily has stood by her side and supported her decision to embark on this new assignment. She is also deeply grounded by her faith, serving as a Liturgical Minister at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. Through this ministry, Sotelo-Solis is everhard at work to tackle social justice issues and ensure that every community member feels safe and supported. 

Having “one of our own” in office has been a huge boost to all of National City’s residents, many who have known Mayor Sotelo-Solis and her family for years. With a true interest in the issues our community faces and a commitment to solving any problem thrown her way, it will be exciting to see how our new Mayor spearheads the types of changes we all hope to see. Our team here at Faith & Vision Realty looks forward to continuing to build up our amazing community alongside her! 

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Meet the Faith & Vision Realty Team

Here at Faith and Vision Realty, we have been bringing you some amazing National City Business videos…BUT today I’d like to introduce you to the amazing Faith & Vision Realty team!! Watch my latest video to get to know the wonderful people I work alongside, to make your Real Estate Vision a Reality!

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Rico’s on 3rd Salon Loving You Through It

Salon owner, Snooky Rico, knows that true beauty shines from within.  Through her own struggles with Cancer, she learned how to find Hope despite feeling surrounded by darkness. Today she shares that Hope by working to help others do the same thing. On this week’s episode of Beyond The Vision, we’re inspired by her story of resiliency, compassion, and faith. 

The battle of cancer is not only extremely difficult, but can also feel very lonely. Snooky, a survivor of an aggressive form of cancer herself, knows how it feels to struggle with identity and strength. After ongoing difficulties and struggles, Snooky found herself at a point when she wanted to give up. When she was at her lowest, she found strength through her family and through God. She kept fighting for them, and eventually, she transformed from a fighter to a survivor!

Snooky largely attributes her cancer battle victory to her family and friend’s ability to love her through those dark times. The love that she received allowed her to feel an empowered sense of dignity, compassion, and grace. Which led her to want to help other “cancer warriors” as she says, feel supported and beautiful the way her family helped her feel. This is what inspired her to start her non-profit organization, Loving You Through It. Today, she is dedicated to come along side other warriors through their journey with cancer, the best way she can: by utilizing her own beauty expertise, the team behind her, and God’s guidance! 

Loving You Through It is a non-profit organization that provides complimentary services to women and Men receiving cancer treatment. They operate out of Snooky’s salon, Rico’s on 3rd Salon. Besides being  a wig bank, they are recipients of American Cancer Society. Which allows them to offer free wigs along with a variety of services including, head shaving, scarf tutorials, and share an abundance of resourceful information. Above all, they stand with their warriors, loving them through their battle and supporting them throughout their journey. Their hope is that the women who walk through their door will go from feeling broken to beautiful. 

If you, or a loved one, are interested in connecting with Snooky at Loving You Through It, call +1(619) 779-7794 or email Check out Rico’s on 3rd Salon (the store front of Loving You Through It) at 268 3rd Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91910.  

As always, stay tuned for the next episode of Beyond the Vision!

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Café La Maze: A National City Restaurant With Old Hollywood History

Did you know that National City is home to a piece of history with an Old Hollywood connection?  If you’ve never stepped inside the red-bricked walls of Café La Maze, then you’re in for a special treat!  On this episode of Beyond The Vision, we’re meeting with restaurant manager Ernie Alvarez to get the scoop on the famous origins of this classic eatery.  Known for their famous guests and delicious dishes, this steakhouse is a local gem you’ve got to check out!

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Olivewood Gardens

As kids we were always told not to play with our food. In my latest episode of Beyond The Vision, we take a look at Olivewood Gardens, a place that not only allows, but encourages you to play with your food. By providing an interactive learning experience on their 6.85 acre property, Olivewood empowers students and families to be healthier.

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Flipping Your Own Home without Putting Your Own Money Down

Theresa over here just inherited this house. She was about to list it for sale, but that was before she knew she could make about $70,000 more by flipping it herself. Guess what? She’s not using any of her own money. You want to know how? Come with me and I will show you what we are doing to flip her home. Stay tuned for the next episode to find out exactly how she Flipped her Home, without any of her money!

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Increasing Coordination and Confidence

Gracie South Bay Jiu-Jitsu Academy in National City was founded by world champion Leticia Ribeiro and UFC Veteran Fabricio Camoes. Gracie South Bay provides training to those of all ages and different interest levels. Their students range from children four years old to senior adults. I recently stopped by the academy with my two grandchildren. I spoke with Leticia to hear her story.

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You’ll Feel Like Family with Martha Mendoza at MG Business and Tax Service

Let’s face it. When it comes to doing your individual taxes, or payroll, bookkeeping and tax preparation for your business, you need to rely on a professional. I have a great personal and professional resource I rely on that I’m excited to share with you. Martha Mendoza is proprietor of MG Business and Tax Service located at 124 E. 30th Street Suite D in National City. She and her business will offer you personal and professional services to ensure you’re up to date on the latest laws backed by accuracy and great customer service. When you meet Martha, you’ll feel like you’re with family. I recently sat down with Martha to learn a little more about her and her business.

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