Sell Your House For 15-20% More
Flipping It Without Any Of Your Own Money Or Time!

How It Works

Step 1: Set A Home Visit

I will visit your house to discover where the opportunities are to increase your home's value. From there we will provide a full analysis so you can see potential proceeds.

Step 2: Make Improvements

We will coordinate, fund, and fix up all areas of your property that yield the largest return on investment. You can choose to use your own funds, but most people use ours.

Step 3: Sell Your House For More $

Once we finish the the improvements on your home, we will stage it, list it, and then flip it so you can sell your house for 15-20% more than it was previously worth!

4 Reasons Why San Diegans Are Flipping Their Homes


  • Maximize their sales price for the down payment on their next home.

  • Capture as much of your hard earned equity as possible

  • There is no work on your part needed

  • We take on the risk



We believe in building a legacy...

While watching a Home Renovation show one day in the 90’s, something different happened. I knew without a doubt the Lord instilled in me a dream. He said I would be transforming run down homes while walking his people thru personal transformation.  That experience stuck with me.

Fifteen years later I went to school and received my Real Estate license. Soon after I met a gentleman from the Trump Institute in Florida. The institute taught real estate investors how to purchase and flip homes. I became his San Diego contact and introduced me to many clients I now call friends.

He encouraged me to get my construction license and start restoring homes for my new clients. This changed everything! There was major transformation that was created, not just in the homes we rejuvenated, but the lives we serviced.



Incredible Return On Investment Percentages

Your Kitchen

Did you know that by updating your kitchen, you could get a 15-20% return on your investment?

Landscaping ROI

Did you know that improving your landscaping can get you up to a 100% return on investment?


Your Bathroom

Did you know that fixing up your bathroom can give you up to a 102% return on your investment?

But don't just take our word for it...

My 3 uncles and I inherited our mom's home.  She lived here for over 44 years.  As you can imagine there were many memories made in that home along with the wear and tear of many years.  When we decided to sell the home and if we would of sold it "as is", we would of received offers between $325,000 - $350,000.  The home need a good cleaning and a little TLC.  Sonya Flores, suggested that we should give the home a good clean out and make some updates.  Sonya Flores allowed us to use her funds to do the work it needed.  Putting $11,000 into this home, now we are getting offers at $420,000.

-Carmen Benavidez (and 3 happy uncles)

We Sold our our home in Escondido for $730,000.
With out the work that was put into our home we would of gotten offers between $550,000 to $575,000.
The money for the rehab was loaned to us from Sonya and was paid back at close of escrow.  Total in rehab for our home was $35,000.  We had seen some of the rehab work Sonya and her team did in the past and were very impressed. They know exactly what is needed in updating to get the most out of the house. They know what colors of paint, what kind of kitchen appliances and cabinets, landscaping  etc. that appeal to most people to get the most people interested. They also research the surrounding market very well so they didn't overspend on our property.
I would recommend Sonya and her team to anyone who wants to get more out of their house, like we did.
-Dale & Sally Burlington
Our home on Lanoitan Ave National City - Our little story behind selling it.  When we first list it and a few months had past, because it was a 5 bedroom and 1 bath.  It was a difficult selling it because everyone who came to view the home, really loved our home, but they needed the 2nd bathroom. 
Talking it over with Sonya, we decided to change one of our bedrooms into a full bath and mini study area.  We put our own money into it and John, my husband put all the work.  We invested a little over $3,000 for the renovation and it came out so beautiful.
If we were to settle for an offer prior to the 2nd bath, it would of sold for $399,000.  We knew our home could sell for more and by putting a full bath brought several offers and we were able to sell it for $465,000.
We felt very nervous during the whole process of transforming the bedroom into a bathroom.  Our overall experience we were happy that it sold for a higher price and we were able to move into our new home
-John & Yvonne Simpson

Ready to sell your house for 
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