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Rico’s on 3rd Salon Loving You Through It

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Salon owner, Snooky Rico, knows that true beauty shines from within. Through her own struggles with Cancer, she learned how to find Hope despite feeling surrounded by darkness. Today she shares that Hope by working to help others do the same thing. On this week’s episode of Beyond The Vision, we’re inspired by her story of resiliency, compassion, and faith.

The battle of cancer is not only extremely difficult, but can also feel very lonely. Snooky, a survivor of an aggressive form of cancer herself, knows how it feels to struggle with identity and strength. After ongoing difficulties and struggles, Snooky found herself at a point when she wanted to give up. When she was at her lowest, she found strength through her family and through God. She kept fighting for them, and eventually, she transformed from a fighter to a survivor!

Snooky largely attributes her cancer battle victory to her family and friend’s ability to love her through those dark times. The love that she received allowed her to feel an empowered sense of dignity, compassion, and grace. Which led her to want to help other “cancer warriors” as she says, feel supported and beautiful the way her family helped her feel. This is what inspired her to start her non-profit organization, Loving You Through It. Today, she is dedicated to come along side other warriors through their journey with cancer, the best way she can: by utilizing her own beauty expertise, the team behind her, and God’s guidance!

Loving You Through It is a non-profit organization that provides complimentary services to women and Men receiving cancer treatment. They operate out of Snooky’s salon, Rico’s on 3rd Salon. Besides being a wig bank, they are recipients of American Cancer Society. Which allows them to offer free wigs along with a variety of services including, head shaving, scarf tutorials, and share an abundance of resourceful information. Above all, they stand with their warriors, loving them through their battle and supporting them throughout their journey. Their hope is that the women who walk through their door will go from feeling broken to beautiful.

If you, or a loved one, are interested in connecting with Snooky at Loving You Through It, call +1(619) 779-7794 or email Check out Rico’s on 3rd Salon (the store front of Loving You Through It) at 268 3rd Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91910.

As always, stay tuned for the next episode of Beyond the Vision!

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